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May 2012: Wrapping Up the 1st Half of 2012

This month our webmaster, Valerie Aguirre, was named Volunteer of the Month for June 2012 by Capitol Broadcasting Company, Inc. CBC is the parent company of WRAL-TV where Valerie works as the Multimedia Producer for CBC's New Media Group. In addition to managing the website, Valerie is helping us move forward with our social-media goals for the second half of 2012. A hearty congratulations and thanks to Valerie!

In honor of Valerie, CBC sent FOF a generous check for $250, which is greatly appreciated! CBC posted a story about Valerie and her volunteer efforts on their company intranet site. The article quotes Valerie: "I first heard about Friends of FUNDAL through a family friend. I met with the founder of FOF, and upon hearing about her experience volunteering at a school in Guatemala for children with deafblindness, I wanted to help in any capacity I could."

In May, in celebration of Mother's Day in both Guatemala and the USA, we hosted a presentation called "From a Mother's Love to International Effort: Education for Deafblind Children in Guatemala." Diana Bonilla de Soto, daughter of FUNDAL's founder and sister of Alex, told the moving story of her mother's journey, including the adoption of Alex, his lack of language, and their efforts to start a school to educate him and children like him. She shared pictures and stories of FUNDAL students and the new campus, and described the ongoing efforts of FUNDAL to partner with organizations in other countries, both to give and receive training. She expressed deep appreciate to Friends of FUNDAL for financial and other support, and showed pictures of the new campus that FOF helped fund.

Many thanks go to the Social Action Committee of Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Raleigh for providing a free, accessible location, and to many volunteers for making the evening a success. Almost 70 people attended the presentation, and provided a lot of positive feedback, along with donations, and offers to help.

While Diana was here, she had interviews with Spanish language media in the area. For those of you who read Spanish, here's the interview that Walter Gomez from La Conexion did with Diana. It includes a 30-second ad about FUNDAL, and an impromptu filming Walter did after interviewing Diana. Diana was also interviewed by Leonor Clavijo from the radio station La Ley. That aired May 12th, and may be repeated in the future. We thank them both for their interest in Friends of FUNDAL!

Grace Bullen, FOF Chair


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