Quetzaltenango Increases Inclusion of Students with Disabilities

In 2015, Friends of FUNDAL awarded $4100 to FUNDAL to provide consultation and training during one school year, so that schools in the Quetzaltenango or Xela area of Guatemala could better serve and include students with disabilities. The funds came from a Millennium Development Goals grant from the Episcopal Diocese of North Carolina to Friends of FUNDAL in partnership with St. Mark's Episcopal Church in Raleigh, NC.

FUNDAL's students are usually deafblind or have other multiple disabilities. After learning basic compensatory skills at FUNDAL, some of them are able to return to mainstream schools, but need their teachers to know how to include them in the educational process. Other students have less severe disabilities, and may not need direct services from FUNDAL, but still pose a challenge to mainstream school staff who do not know who to educate them. This grant provides training by FUNDAL staff to teachers and other mainstream school staff so that both these kinds of students can be served more effectively. The skills and strategies learned by the teachers and staff will help them not only with the students with disabilities they currently have, but with other students they may have in the future.

This interim report on the Diocesan Outreach Grant provides more information and photos.


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